Arduino Shield LCD

Arduino Shield LCD

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  • Product Name: LCD Shield For Arduino
  • Short Description: LCD Shield For Arduino
  • Quantity: 1   Piece
  • Package Size: 2.0 * 7.0 * 6.0 ( cm )
  • Gross Weight/Package: 0.06 ( kg )
Place of Origin:
Beijing China (Mainland)
Brand Name:

Directly plug onto the Arudino board, no soldering or fly-wiring needed. A 16×2 HD44780 compatible LCD, White character & Blue backlight.

This Shield uses Arudino LCD4Bit library.

Dontronics "LCD & Buttons Shield" for the DuinoMite & MaxiMite.

Dontronics has the DFROBOT brand "LCD & Buttons Shield" running on both the Maximite and the DuinoMite.

However there are some small modifications that need to be done before it will work correctly.

MaxiMite & DuinoMite:
Because the Analogue to Digital inputs are +3.3V on the PIC32 chip, and the shield is designed for +5V, a single resistor must be soldered to the board to enable the 5 selectable buttons to work correctly. Pictures of adding this resistor can be seen at:

You must use a 26 pin to shield adapter to make up a shield platform for the MaxiMite. This can be done using one of two methods.

1) Dontronics DonDuino Cross:

2) Olimex DuinoMite Shield Board:

As MM-Basic PIN(19) & PIN(20) are shared on the DuinoMite, the easiest way to overcome this problem is to remove the signals on PIN(19) and PIN(20) on the LCD shield, and replace the connections to the LCD with PIN(13) and PIN(14) on the LCD shield.

The pin isolation can be done on the shield, by two track cuts, two pin removals, or snipping two pins off.
Two jumpers then need to be done.

This isolation and jumpering can also be done on a temporary, or permanent basis, without soldering, by using the Dontronics DonDuino Patch Board:
This is how it was tested initially without modifying the board.

Four characters need to be changed in the BASIC code for the DuinoMite to run.

All schematics, pictures, and BASIC code changes for both the MaxiMite & DuinoMite can be seen at:

If all the hardware and software changes have been done and tested on the DuinoMite, the modified LCD shield will also run on the MaxiMite

Software Download:

Data and Schematics and all other relevant files are available from:
Then Select Hardware, then Dontronics, then LCD

You will find the details there to be able to convert this LCD to operate on 3.3V A/D for the press button switches, so that it can be used on a Maximite Computer System. This conversion and code, was done by my good friend Mick Gulovsen.


If you need additional support on the above product, and you can't find the information you need in the documentation, then please contact support at the address below:

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