Test-a-Mite Letter

Please Note*** This price is for two blank PCBs posted in the one letter.
Yes, you get two boards.


Product: 17000
All Dontronics Maximite Computer products are located at: http://www.dontronics-shop.com/the-maximite-computer.html

The Test-a-Mite Letter.

We can post off the Test-a-Mite bare printed circuit board in a letter, world wide at a very cheap rate. In fact, we will do it for an extra $2.

So if you want to purchase a blank bare "Test-a-Mite" Printed Circuit board, and have us post it out as a letter, then this is the page for you. This doesn't include any components. We can't send components in an Air Mail letter at standard Air Mail letter rates, but we can send small printed ciruit boards.

If you want to add even the simplest component, then you are on the wrong page, and need to go to:

This product page is designed for users that simply want a bare printed circuit board and don't wish to pay a fortune for shipping, and then possibly get stuck with custom fees and other import duties.

When checking out, please make sure you make it free shipping. Yes, you have to select this.
If you don't, you will be charged shipping for your area, as all orders may not be manually scanned, so you need to tell us if you made a mistake on this free shipping selection.

All information can be found HERE including some short video clips of a DuinoMite-mini connected to the Test-A-Mite doing each of the Fun LED chases

Australian customers, this will be a standard post office letter.

From Mick Gulovsen: Also dont put 10 way switches that are side activated (As I did in my photo) whilst they are high quality switches it is hard to select them in the area where the links are for Freq/count/period tests. Slider switches are the best.

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