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The DonDuino Patch and Breakout Board.

We can post off the DonDuino Patch bare printed circuit board in a letter, world wide at a very cheap rate. In fact, we will do it for an extra $2. See this Page for details:
Here is a low cost, Arduino shield addressing patch panel, that uses shunts and jumpers to cross configure all signals that drop into the Arduino shield format.

I have hunted the web, and found nothing even close to what we can achieve with "The DonDuino Patch". This isn't just for Maximite, it is also a new Arduino Shield product.

This is an all through hole design, so the user can build it easily themselves. Anyone who has done a little electronics work, should have very little trouble soldering this kit together.

The board measures 64.4mm x 47mm, 1.6mm thickness.

The Breakout Board Shield allows you to easily hookup multiple devices to your shield by simply using jumper wires. 90 degree pins means it's still stackable.

Rather than explain in detail on this page, the possible hardware combinations and uses, that The DonDuino Patch can be put to,  it will be easier to tell the story with pictures. When I get the boards, and have them assembled, we will add the pictures. In the meantime, you can check for additional information at:

Prices: I have set up prices starting at $5.95 for a PCB only, to $16.95 for a full kit:

Bare DonDuino Patch PCB: $5.95AUD
Bare DonDuino Patch PCB

Bundle A: $9.45AUD
Includes the Bare Board plus the set of four Female Header Pins. 2 x 8 pin, 2 x 6 pin, plus a 30 pin single row Male Header, that can be cut into 2 x 8 pin, and 2 x 6 pin male headers.

Note *** These Female Headers are not Shield Stacker pins, they are standard Female Header Pins.
Plus a Dual-64pin R/A Male connector that has 32 pins by 2 rows. 
This R/A connector will allow you to cut it into sections of two groups of 8 x 2 pins, and two groups of 6 x 2 pins.

Bundle B: $15.45AUD
Includes Bundle A, plus a set (10) of 50mm Female to Female Jumpers, and a set (10) of 100mm Female to Female Jumpers.

Bundle C: $16.95AUD
Includes Bundle B, plus a pack of 20 * Shunts or Test Links.

If you require additional headers for any reason, there are plenty to select from at:

The Maximite Computer, and its features can be seen at:


Schematics and all other relevant files are available from:
Then Select Hardware, then Dontronics, then DonDuino Patch.


If you need additional support on the above product, and you can't find the information you need in the documentation, then please contact support at the address below:

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