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This product consists of a blank DIY "UBW32-MCC-PCB" printed circuit board, and the project is designed to convert the UBW32 board into a MaxiMite Colour Computer, designed by Geoff Graham. This "UBW32-MCC-PCB" satellite board was produced by Mick Gulovsen. Mick designed it so that kit builders could use off the shelf readily available components, so that virtually anyone should be able to solder a kit together, and get it working fairly quickly. If for any reason you needed to replace the micro, you simply replace the "USB 32-Bit Whacker – PIC32MX795 Development Board". The only surface mount device on the board is the uSD card holder. All other items are through hole design. Hopefully even novices will be able to handle the uSD card holder connections.

Also check out Geoff Graham's project pages:
The Colour Maximite
http://geoffg.net/maximite.html and specifically the Colour MMBasic for the UBW32 http://geoffg.net/ubw32.html

Dontronics sells these UBW32-MCC-PCBs for $5.95AUD plus $2AUD postage if you wish to purchase as a letter, for a total of $7.95AUD. (approx. $8USD)

So if you want to purchase a blank bare "UBW32-MCC-PCB" Printed Circuit board, and have us post it out as a letter, then order from the next link. This doesn't include any components. We can't send components in an Air Mail letter at standard Air Mail letter rates, but we can send small printed circuit boards.
"UBW32-MCC-PCB-Letter" Order Page:

If you want to add even the simplest component, then you need to order from this current page:

The product on this page is a blank printed circuit board for the UBW32-MCC-PCB designed by Mick Gulovsen.

Schematics, assembly instructions, and all other relevant files are available from this current page: http://www.dontronics-shop.com/ubw32-mcc-pcb.html

The full PDF manual, which includes schematics, assembly, and Bill Of Material files, can be found at: 

PDF Manual Preamble by Mick Gulovsen:

When Geoff Graham first introduced his Maximite Colour Computer (MCC) to the world he announced that it was based on the same hardware as the UBW32(MX795) Pic32 Computer, in fact I believe that all his prototyping for his design was done using the UBW32. See http://geoffg.net/maximite.html

He also released to the public schematics and information on how to convert a UBW32 into an MCC. This project is almost entirely based on that design and many thanks and kudos must go to Geoff for another great Aussie design idea.

When I started out I was going to do a full MCC which includes the Arduino header footprint until I realised that this would be a reasonably large sized PCB and my thought process was that people don’t buy a UBW32 with the intention of storing it in a shoe-box. They want to mount it in a match box instead. i.e. They want it to be as small as possible. So I laid out all of the parts and cramped them together with minimal spacing and measured the board size.

I then looked for the smallest case that was also cheap that would fit. I came up with a neat little case from Takachi Electric which is available from RS Components (SW-120B P/N 373-2441), then pushed the components even more to make it fit.


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